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What is the Music on Hold Module used for?

The Music on Hold Module is used to upload audio files to your PBX from your web browser and to divide the files into various Music on Hold Categories.  You can select which category to use for particular calls in the Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes, Ring Groups, and Queues Modules.

How Do I Get to the Music on Hold Module?

To access the Advanced Settings Module in FreePBX 2.10 and later, access the graphical user interface using a web browser.  Click on the "Settings" pull down menu at the top and then select "Music on Hold".

How do I Upload Audio Files for Music on Hold?

When you arrive at the Music on Hold page, you will be working on the default category.  To upload a file to the "default" category, click "Choose File."  A new window will open up that will allow you to choose a file to upload a file using your web browser from the computer you are on now.  After you select the file, click the "Upload" button.  Asterisk uses the "default" category for all internal calls.  Outbound and Inbound Routes will default to "default," but you can change to another category using a pull-down in the outbound routes, inbound routes, ring groups, and queues modules.

If you prefer to upload to another category, either click "Add Music Category" on the right, or click on a previously created music category (under "Add Music Category" on the right), before you upload the file.  

While Asterisk can play a variety of audio formats, most people use .wav files recorded at 8000hz, 16-bit, mono.  

VLC Media Player and Audacity (which are both freeware) can both convert files from almost any format to the desired format.

  • From the top menu click Settings
  • In the drop down click Music on Hold

How do I Use the Music on Hold Module?

See the User Guide

Where does Asterisk store Music on Hold Files?

As of Asterisk 1.8, the default category of Music on Hold files are stored at