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What is the Asterisk IAX Settings Module used for?

The Asterisk IAX Settings Module is used to configure the default settings used for IAX calls.  Since most VOIP calls are sent using SIP Trunks, these settings will rarely matter.

How Do I Get to the Asterisk IAX Settings Module?

To access the Asterisk IAX Settings Module in FreePBX 2.10 and later, access the graphical user interface using a web browser.  Click on the "Settings" pull down menu at the top and then select "Asterisk IAX Settings".

What Do Each of the Asterisk IAX Settings Options Mean?

You can get a general description of what each option does by placing your mouse on the question mark to the right of the option, and a tooltip will appear that explains the option. 

In most cases, the defaults do not need to be changed, even if you are using IAX for calls.

  • From the top menu click Settings
  • From the drop down click Asterisk IAX Settings

How do I use the Asterisk IAX Settings Page?

See the User Guide