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FreePBX System Status 2.10/2.11

The FreePBX System Status Module shows a variety of statistical information about your system, such as


Note, however, that network usages is reported in KiloBYTES, and not Kilobits.  1 KiloBYTE is equal to 8 Kilobits.  So, if you see that your system is receiving 25 KB/s, that is the same as 200 Kb/s.


FreePBX 12+

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In FreePBX 12 the status panel was redesigned and includes a modular design.

System Overview

This block shows service status and alerts related to your system

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This block shows your system uptime information

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This graph shows system statistics for your system. Metrics can me set to Hour, Day, Week, or Month.

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Select feeds can be shown on your landing page so you can keep up with relevant news.

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*Feeds can be adjusted under advanced settings