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Comment: When trying to clone devtools on my fpbx13 system, I was getting 501 error response using http. using https got things working. My 14 system was able to use either. Anyway, I updated the url to be https.


Note that 'sangoma-devel' is only available on SNG7 based Distros. If you're using an older SHMZ6 Distro, you will need to 'yum -y install git' instead.

Code Block
rm -rf /usr/src/freepbx
echo "repo_directory=/usr/src/freepbx" >> ~/.freepbxconfig
cd /usr/src
git clone http
cd /usr/src/devtools
./freepbx_git.php --setup --mode=ssh --switch=release/15.0 --keys=freepbx