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What is "ucpnode", aka "UCP Node Server"?

The UCP node server is a background process that starts during your normal amportal start processes. It allows users to get real time event information in UCP. Running this service requires you open port 8001 on your PBX so that UCP can connect to it from the outside. You can change additional settings for the server in Advanced Settings.

What modules are supported?

  1. XMPP - Automatic login and real time chat and contact management
  2. Conferences Pro - Allows conference status to be seen real time (including talking statuses)

What are the requirements?

Currently this is only released on the FreePBX distro at this time because of the requirements for Node and Node Package Manager. When you try to install the module through FreePBX, FreePBX will determine if you have any other missing requirements and let you know what you need to do.