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Login to the User Control Panel using https ( httphttps://yourserveryourpbxserver/ucp )

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Once logged in put your mouse over the dot in the top right corner and click the StatusImage Removed, click the (plus) in the upper left, and click the "Side Bar Widgets" tab in the window that pops up.

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In the drop down click New Phone Call


In the bottom corner the dialler will appear. You can dial any number in the box then click Call. Note Calls made from the webRTC phone will show as 99<EXTEN>. So if your using 1234 it will show as 991234.

Image Removedvertical menu at the right select phone, and then click the (plus) to add the phone widget to the vertical bar on the left. Activate the phone widget by clicking on it.

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Once you are in a call you will have the option to "Hold/Unhold" if enabled and to Hangup.