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titleThis wiki has been updated for Version 13 of your PBX GUI

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The Voicemail Blasting module is used to create a group or groups of voicemail users and assign them a number (internal) that can be dialed to leave specific voicemail users a message.assign a voicemail blast (VMBlast) number to a group of users. A user can dial this number to leave a voicemail message for the group. All members of the group will receive the message in their voicemail boxes.

Logging in

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Voicemail Blasting

Adding a VMBlast Group

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Click the Add New VM Blast Group button.

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Fill out the form as described below.

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VMBlast Number

Enter the number that users will dial to access the VMBlast Group. This number must not conflict with an existing extension number.


Select which message to play to the caller so they can confirm that person leaving the voicemail.

  • Read Group Number: The default setting. The system will read the VMBlast group number. This can help the caller confirm they have called the proper VMBlast


  • group number before leaving a message.


  • Beep Only - No Confirmation - The system will play a beep to the caller, and the caller can begin recording after the beep.

Optional Password

(Optional) Specify a numerical password to protect the VMBlast group from accidental use.

Voicemail Box List

Select Click on voicemail boxes to add them to this group. Use

Hold down the “CTRL” SHIFT key and click to select multiple , but not sequential boxesusers:

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Hold down the CTRL or command key and click to select multiple non-sequential users:

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Default VMBlast Group

Yes/No: Whether to designate this VMBlast group as the default.

Each PBX system can have a single Default Voicemail Blast Group. If specified, extensions you designate a new group as the default, any other group that was previously the default will no longer be the default. Extensions can be automatically added (or removed) from this the default group in the Extensions (or Users) module. Making a group the default will uncheck the option from the current default group if it was previously specified.


Remember to press the Submit Changes and Apply Config buttons to save your changesThis prevents the need to revisit the Voicemail Blasting module each time a new extension is created.


Click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

Editing / Deleting a VMBlast Group

Visit the home screen for the Voicemail Blasting module. If already viewing a VM Blast group, click the List VM Blast Groups button to go back to the home screen.

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 Click the edit button Image Added or group number to go to the group.

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To Edit: Make changes click the Submit button, and then click the Apply Config button.

To Delete: Click the delete button, click OK to confirm deletion, and click the Apply Config button.