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  • Skip: A busy extension will not receive the page. All other extensions will be paged as usual.
  • Force: A busy extension will receive the page. The system will not check if the device is in use before paging it. Conversations can be interrupted by the page, depending upon how the device handles the page. In most cases, the phone will ring instead of auto-answering if it is on another call, but some phones will put the caller on hold and play the page. This is not usually a desirable outcome unless you are setting up a page group for emergencies, and you want all extensions to hear the page regardless of whether they are already on a call.
  • Whisper: The system will attempt to use the ChanSpy capability on SIP channels, resulting in the page being sent to the busy device's earpiece. The page is "whispered" to the user but not heard by the remote party. If ChanSpy is not supported on the device or otherwise fails, no page will get through. It probably does not make too much sense to choose duplex below, if using Whisper mode.
For Mutlicast, Skip | Force | Whisper doesn't work.
You need to set Paging Barge on your phone manually. By Default, Skip is enable (Paging Barge disabled), You can set Froce  (Paging Barge) and play with the prioritry.
If the phone is present into several group (multicast) with different settings , the phone is not able to make the difference.


Yes/No: This option controls whether the extension receiving the page is muted by default. If you enable duplex, the extensions that are called in the page group will not be muted, which will allow anyone to talk in the page group. Usually this will be set to No.