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The Time conditions define Conditions module defines a set of rules based on time groups. A time condition has two call destinations, one if the time of the call matches the time group assigned, and another if there is no match. Time conditions are often used to control how the PBX routes calls during and business hours vs. outside business hours.


Time groups should be set up prior to setting up time conditions. Visit the Time Groups module under the Applications menu. Because the Time Conditions module depends on time groups, there are two easy ways to reach the Time Groups module from within the Time Conditions module. One is to click theImage Added List Time Groups button at the right side of the screen, and the other is to click the clock button Image Added next to an existing time condition.

Logging in

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • From the drop down click Time Conditions

Creating a Time Condition

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Click the Add Time Condition button to add a new time group.

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Image Added

Time Condition Name

Enter a description to identify this time group. For example, “Closed Hours” works better than something generic like “Time Condition 1.”


Override Code



(Optional) If a PIN is entered here, users will be prompted to enter the PIN after dialing the override feature code. A PIN can help prevent unauthorized changes. If no PIN is entered here, users will be able to override the time condition . If enabled when this feature is dialed on the system, your time condition will be manually changed.

Time Group Drop-down

This toggle allows you to select the time group this condition will be checked against. by dialing the feature code.

Invert BLF Hint

Yes/No: Whether to invert the behavior of the busy lamp field (BLF) for this time condition. Depending upon the way the time condition is set up, and depending upon the BLF light color behavior some phones (red vs. green), the default setting can be confusing to some users. Therefore, you have the option to change the BLF behavior.

By default (Invert BLF Hint = No), the BLF hint is "INUSE" when the time condition is NOT matched, and "NOT_INUSE" if the time condition is matched.

If Invert BLF Hint = Yes, the behavior will be the reverse of what is described above. If set this way, the BLF hint will be "INUSE" if the time condition is matched, and "NOT_INUSE" if the time condition is NOT matched.

Change Override

The current override status of the time condition is displayed here below the drop-down menu. If this is a new time condition that has not yet been saved, the state will be "Unknown." Otherwise, you will see the current state.

The drop-down menu gives you the opportunity to change the override status:

  • Unchanged: The override state will not be changed.
  • Reset Override: Removes any override that is set.
  • Temporary Matched / Unmatched: Creates a temporary override that will send calls to the matched or unmatched destination (whichever is selected) until the current time span has elapsed. After that, the behavior will return to normal. A temporary override can be set and removed by a feature code, here in the GUI, or by other applications such as an XML-based phone option.
  • Permanent Matched / Unmatched: Creates a "permanent" override that will send calls to the matched or unmatched destination (whichever is selected) until the override is removed. This override will not automatically be reset after a time span has elapsed. A permanent override cannot be set via a feature code, but it can be removed by a feature code. A permanent override can only be set here in the GUI or by other applications such as an XML-based phone option.

Time Group

The time group this time condition will be checked against. A time group defines the times that are considered a "match." You can create new time groups in the Time Group module.




This is where you will define destination will be used as the call target when the current time matches the times defined in the assigned time group selected above.




This is destination will be used as the call target for when the current time does not match the time group assignedselected above.



Click the Submit. To apply changes don't forget to click "apply conf" button, then click the Apply Config button.



To edit or delete a time condition click the desired name in the right side navigation

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To delete click the Delete Time Condition link

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Time Conditions

The Time Conditions module home screen displays a list of existing time conditions.

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To Edit: Click the edit button Image Added, make changes, click the Submit button, and click the Apply Config button.

To Delete: Click the trash can button Image Added, click OK to confirm the deletion, and then click the Apply Config button.