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titleERROR 818: An error has occurred, please contact customer care at +1 (920) 886-8130 for further assistance.
This is a generic timeout message:
  1. Check network settings and make sure the PBX has access to the internet.
  2. Try pinging a known good domain (i.e. from the command line.
    1. If you get "unknown host" then you have a DNS issue. Verify your DNS settings and that you don't have anything blocking DNS resolution.
    2. If you get "Network is unreachable" or no reply at all then you have a network issue. Double check the gateway, subnet, & firewall settings.
  3. If you are running behind a SonicWall firewall try the steps in the SonicWall Basic Troubleshooting article.
  4. If you are running an OpenVZ instance (such as with certain Hosted PBXs) review this wiki OpenVZ with FreePBX System article.
  5. Make sure this server hasn't been previously registered.
    1. Login to and Navigate to Deployments --> List All, and click the edit Icon for the deployment in question. If there is Zend ID listed you will need to reset the Zend ID and re-register the deployment. This should only happen if there have been hardware changes to the server. See this WIKI article for Resetting the Zend ID and Re-registering the deployment. How to Move a Deployment ID to a new PBX
  6. If none of those resolve the error contact Schmooze Support.


titleERROR 687: An error has occurred creating your portal account, please contact customer care at +1 (920) 886-8130 for further assistance.

This typically means you are trying to create an account that is already registered.

  1. If that's the case make sure you are selecting Yes for "Do you have a Portal account?"
  2. If that's not the case try logging into and/or use the password recovery option to re-gain access to your account.
  3. If neither of those options work contact the sales department to verify your account @ +1 (920) 886-8130


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