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titleThis wiki has been updated for Version 13 of your PBX GUI


This feature is for the PRO version of System Admin. 

Table of Contents


On this page you can set your UPS information.  
UPS's A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be used to properly shutdown shut down the PBX in case of a power loss, and to alert you to of power issues issues by emaile-mail.

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click System Admin
  • On the In the right side navigation box click UPS Server

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The settings appear once you select Enable UPS: Yes.

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UPS Name

Give the UPS a friendly name, this . This name will be used in email notifications.

Cable Type

How are you connecting Smart / Simple / Ethernet / USB: The type of communication cable that is connected to the UPS for communication.

  • Smart Cable
  • Simple Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB Cable

UPS Type

What type of UPS do you have


APCSmart / USB / Network / Dumb: The type of UPS.


Device, Port, or Port Network Address for your UPS type. Example: /dev/ttyS0


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On Battery Delay Time

The time, in seconds, from when a power failure is detected until we react the system reacts to it with an "on battery" event.

Battery Minimum Level

If during a power failure, the remaining battery percentage (as reported by the UPS) is below or equal to the Battery Minimum Level set here, the system will initiate a shutdown.

Minimum Runtime Remaining

If during a power failure, the remaining runtime in minutes (as calculated internally by the UPS) is below or equal to Minimum Runtime Remaining set here, the system will initiate a shutdown.


If during a power failure, the UPS has run on batteries for longer than this setting, the system will initiate a shutdown. A value of 0 disables this timer.


All emails to one place

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  • Check the box for Set All Actions to the Same Email Address
  • Enter the Email you want notified.

Individual email address per action

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Replace Battery

Notification that the UPS Battery needs Replacement.

Communication Failure

Notification that the PBX can no longer communicate with the UPS.

Communication Restored

Notification that the PBX can once again communicate with the UPS.

Running on Battery

Notification that the PBX is now running on the UPS Battery (AC Power loss).

Power Restored


Email Address

UPS event notifications will be sent to this e-mail address. Note that what you set here is automatically populated in the Notification Settings section of System Admin, and vice versa.


When the information is set properly, click the Submit to save button.