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  • Backup Name - The Name should be something representative of the task. We will call it "Nightly Warm Backup"
  • Description - A description or notes to help you identify this backup.
  • Status Email - An e-mail address to send status messages to when this backup is run.
  • Items - Drag the desired template(s) from "Templates" to "Items." For this task we will drag "Full Backup" and "Exclude Backup Settings" to the backup items on the left.


    Failing to include the "Exclude Backup Settings" in the warm spare backup job will cause the backup jobs on the primary system to overwrite all backup jobs on the spare. You need this item included in all warm spare type backups.

  • Backup Server - Select your primary PBX in the drop-down.
    • A Restore Here option will appear. Select Yes. This will cause 3 additional settings to appear.
    • Disable Registered Trunks - Select Yes if SIP trunks are registered with your carrier, or if the two systems will compete for the trunk registration. Otherwise you can leave set to No.
    • Exclude NAT settings - Select Yes if you want to exclude any machine-specific IP settings. This allows you to have a warm-spare machine with a different IP address.
    • Apply Configs - Select Yes. This is equivalent to clicking the red apply config button, will happen automatically after a restore on a standby system
  • Storage Servers and Available Servers - If you want to also store a copy of the backup file on this server, drag the Local Storage item from the Available Servers bin on the right to the Storage Servers bin on the left.
  • Run Automatically - Set this to Daily. This  will cause the script to run each day at midnight.