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This wiki is for the Pro version of the Pin Sets module. For the standard version, see Pin Sets-Admin Guide.

Table of Contents


The Pin Set Pro module is used to create and manage lists of PINs (numerical passwords) that can be used to access restricted features such as outbound routes. The PIN can also be added to the CDR record's "accountcode" field.


Additionally, you can generate downloadable reports that include call details and summaries of billable hours.

Logging In

  • In the top menu go to Settings
  • In the drop-down menu go to PIN Sets

Creating a PIN Set

In the PIN Sets home screen, click the Add PIN Sets button.

PIN Set Description

A description of the PIN Set to help you identify it. (Max 50 characters)

Record in CDR

Yes/No: Whether to record the PIN in the call detail records. If Yes, PIN numbers dialed will be recorded in CDRs so you can view them in the CDR Reports module.

PIN List

A list of one or more PINs. Enter one PIN per line.


Click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.


In our example, we have created a PIN Set that we will use in conjunction with an international outbound route.

Linking a PIN Set to an Outbound Route

Now that you have created a PIN Set, you can link it to an outbound route. This wiki assumes you have created an outbound route. For more information on outbound routes, please see the Outbound Routes Module User Guide.


Now, any time someone dials out via this outbound route, the system will prompt the user to enter a PIN number. The system will match the entered PIN against this PIN Set. If it does not match, the call will not be completed, and the user will be prompted to enter a PIN again.

Editing a PIN Set

From the module home screen, click the edit button for the PIN Set you wish to edit.

When finished making changes, click the Submit button, and then click the Apply Config button.

Deleting a PIN Set

From the module home screen, click the trash button for the PIN Set you wish to edit. Or, if already viewing the PIN Set, click the Delete button.


Note that any outbound routes that were using the deleted PIN Set will no longer use a PIN Set.

Configuring Pinless Dialing

By default, if you link an outbound route to a PIN set, all extensions will be required to enter a PIN in order to use that route. However, you may wish to allow certain users, such as your CEO, to dial out a route without entering a PIN. Pin Set Pro allows you to edit the settings of an individual extension in the Extensions module to enable pinless dialing on a per route basis. An extension with pinless dialing enabled for a route will not be prompted to enter a PIN number for that route.


Click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

PIN Sets Code Reports

Pin Set Pro makes it simple to generate detailed call reports and billable time summaries that can be exported to your favorite spreadsheet application. You can filter this report data by date, duration, and account code (PIN) as well as source and destination DIDs.


  • In the top menu go to Reports
  • In the drop-down menu go to Pinsets Code Reports

Define Filter Criteria

Date Range

Select a date range (to and from) to narrow your search results.


(Optional) Filter by the source DID.


(Optional) Filter by the destination DID.


(Optional) Filter by the call duration.

Billable Time

(Optional) Filter by the billable time.

Account Code

Filter by account code (PIN). Default = All. To limit the report to only a certain PIN, select a PIN from the drop-down menu. Note: only one PIN may be selected at a time.

Generate the Report

After you have entered your filter criteria, click the Submit button to generate the report.

If results are found matching your filter criteria, they will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Download the Summary Report or Detailed Report

To download either the Summary Report or Detailed Report, click the spreadsheet button next to the type of report you wish to download.