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  • Settings
    • Number of Concurrent Calls- Max number of calls all running campaigns can place at anytime.

    • Maximum Retries- Number of times to try busy numbers back.
    • Report From Email- What email addresses email reports should appear to be coming from.
  • Campaign Controls
    • Start- Start all active campaigns to start dialing numbers.

    • Stop- Stop all active campaigns from dialing numbers.
  • Active Campaigns
    • Here you can view all active campaigns and toggle which campaigns are active.
    • % of calls completed for this campaign.
    • Reports allow you to download a CSV of all calls included in the campaign and the call status.

Campaign Management

On the right side we can see a list of all campaigns that have been created. Click on “Add a Campaign” to create a new one or click on any campaign to edit the campaign settings.

  • Campaign Details
    • Campaign Name- A unique name for this campaign.

    • Campaign Caller ID- What caller ID you want set for any calls from this campaign.
    • Dial Prefix- If you need to set a prefix (such as 9) before dialing the numbers, set it here.
    • Email Reports To- What email address to send reports on this campaign to.
    • Email Reports- When to send email reports on this campaign.
    • Campaign Active- If active calls will be placed from this campaign when you start the dialer.
  • Call Groups
    • Here you define which call groups should be dialed. A “call group” is a list of names and numbers that will be dialed.

    • You can pick one or more call groups to be included with this campaign.
  • Day/Time Settings
    Here you define which date and times this campaign can place calls to your selected call groups.
    • Campaign Name- A unique name for this campaign.