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titleThis wiki has been updated for Version 13 of your PBX GUI

Commercial Module

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The Web Callback CallBack module allows you to easily add an HTML call-me box to your websiteweb site. Visitors simply put there enter their phone number into the field in order to be connected with a specific destination. The Web Callback module allows you , or a specific destinationto prepend information to the caller ID, which can alert you that the call is coming from a specific callback. You can also set dial matches to specify which numbers users are allowed to call. Once you have set your destination and saved changes, you will receive HTML code to paste into your web site.


Since the Web Callback CallBack module has you insert HTML into your website web site, that has it pull files from the module to display on your webpage, you will need to make sure your website web site has access to your PBX's /var/www/html/wcb.php file. This means your firewall can not cannot block it or any apache Apache security such as htaccess that you may have setupset up. Please note, PBXiaF by default blocks access to this without entering a password and you . You will need to modify their htaccess to allow this, and this is not something we can offer advice or support on.


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User Guides

Web CallBack-Admin Guide

Customizing the Web CallBack Form