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Navigate to FreePBX admin > Settings SangomaConnect > Advanced Settings > Sangomaconnect



  • Registration Address is where you define the fully qualified domain name ). Meaning, the domain covered in the certificate.

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  • The fields shown here for Sangomaconnect server TLS certificate and private key location are not related to secure calling in the Sangoma Connect Mobile app.
  • TLS is only used by Sangoma Connect Mobile as the SIP Transport if secure calls is enabled here, even if the extension's SIP Transport is set to TLS.
  • for the PBX. This will be the FQDN used for the TLS certificate.
  • Default Transport - Sangoma Connect will use whatever transport that has been defined for the primary extension on the Advanced tab. In cases where the primary extension transport is set to 'Auto', Sangoma Connect will use the transport defined here.

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