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  1. Make sure you have enabled Custom DevState hints. Log into your PBX GUI and navigate to the Advanced Settings module:
    1. In the top menu go to Settings
    2. In the drop-down menu go to Advanced Settings
  2. At the top, under the Advanced Settings Details section, set Display Readonly Settings and Override Readonly Settings to "Yes":

Message Bar on screen not updating when changing items like DND or Follow Me

  1. The Message Bar is controlled by a daemon that runs on the PBX. To see if daemon is running, run the command below from your Linux CLI:
  2. You need to start the demon that watches for hints the first time, as this could not be started when there was no license. This script will be auto-started any time amportal or fwconsole start is run, which includes on boot up.

    1. PBX Version 13 or Newer

      1. fwconsole restart restapps

        Code Block
        [[email protected]]# fwconsole restart restapps
        Restapps daemon stopped
        Running Restapps Hooks
        Starting Restapps daemon
        Restapps daemon done
        [[email protected]]# 
    2. PBX Versiopn 12 or Older

      1. /etc/init.d/restapps restart

        Code Block
        [[email protected] ~]# /etc/init.d/restapps restart
        Shutting down REST applications daemon:                    [  OK  ]
        Starting REST applications daemon:                         [  OK  ]
        [[email protected] ~]# 

Pressing button on phone is not launching application

  • Log into your PBX Admin GUI and navigate to the to Sysadmin module.
    • In the top menu go to Admin
    • In the drop-down menu go to System Admin
  • Select the Port Management section in the navigation menu.
  • Look to see what port Restful Phone Apps are using.