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Server FQDNUsageIPs
http://sng7.comPBXact RPMs

https://mirror.freepbx.orgPBXact modules

http://mirrorlist.sangoma.netPBXact modules

ftp.sangoma.comSW Download199.248.63.88
https://cdn.schmoozecom.comSystem activation and license update

web2.schmoozecom.netSystem activation and license update199.102.239.49
https://katanafpbx.schmoozecom.comSystem activation and license update199.102.239.11
http://mirror1.freepbx.orgPBXact modules

ct.schmoozecom.netEndpoint firmware download199.102.239.54
http://firmwares.sng7.comEndpoint firmware download

http://freepbx.orgEmbedded links for commercial modules162.159.135.42 news feed162.159.135.42
Asterisk SIP Settings module used
to determine external IP of PBX
http://feeds.feedburner.comDashboard news feed news feed162.159.134.42 packages

https://tgz.pm2.ioPBXact PM2 module dependencies

https://github.comDependent libraries

https://codeload.github.comDependent libraries packages

trunk1.freepbx.comSIPstation Trunk 1192.159.66.3
trunk2.freepbx.comSIPstation Trunk 2162.253.134.142

Voip Innovations trunk

Metered SIP Trunking

Voip Innovation trunk

Sangoma Push Notification Servers

Sangoma Push Notification Servers for
Sangoma Talk mobile client

Sangoma Support VPN
Open VPN client connection to
Sangoma Infra on port 443