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titleSangoma Phone Notice

If you are using a Sangoma s400, s500 or s700 phone you will not need to purchase the Phone Apps module or End Point Manager Module as these modules will work with Sangoma Phones out of the box with no license purchasing needed.


  1. Review the User Management Module User Guide for full details on the User Management module which includes the ability to enable Phone Apps for users.  Below we will cover just the needs for the Phone Apps user section of User Management that we need to enable for Phone Apps to work.
  2. Navigate to your User Management module on your PBX.

  3. Edit a user that you want to enable for Phone Apps access to.
  4. Navigate to the Phone Apps Section.

  5. Make sure the user is enabled for Phone Apps.
    1. Either set this option to Yes or if set to Inherit verify the Group that the User belongs to has the permissions set to Enabled under Group Permissions of User Management.
    Override the default 'Apps' menu when using the 'Apps' button with the menu used below.
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    Setup and organize the menu when users hit the 'Apps' button on their phones. Simply drag apps back and forth from each column. 
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  6. You can also manage restrictions from within each application with these sub tabs.

  7. Save you changes