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SBC Public IP:
SBC Private IP #1:    (Connection to ITSP - Public IP Ports Forwarded to this IP)
SBC Private IP #2:    (Connection to Switchvox)

Router Configuration

Ensure the following ports are open or forwarded to the public IP of the SBC. 

  • 5060 UDP
  • 10,000 to 20,000 UDP

SBC Configuration

1) Go to Configuration → IP Settings → Access Control List and add a new list called ACL. Ensure the default policy is Deny, and then add both the IP of the PBX, and the IP(s) of your ITSP. Ensure the prefix is /32 to only allow the single IP. 
Note: In this case the ITSP is Sangoma's SIP Station. The FQDN's are and Check with your ITSP if you need the IPs.