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  1. You will need to fill our our Porting Request Submission form which will generate a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to give us permission to port-in your numbers. 
  2. Log into your account and navigate to the Location you want to submit a port request for.
  3. Click on the Customer Service tab at the top of the page

  4. Scroll down to the Porting Information tab and click on the Porting Management link

  5. Provide the email address you want all emails sent to regarding this port request.

  6. Pick the FOC Date (The day you want the ports to be completed on).  By default we set the date to be 7 days from submission their is no guarantee the date you pick is what your loosing carrier will agree to but you have to provide at least 7 days.

  7. List all the phone numbers you want to submit on this port request.  Each Port request should only contain grouping of numbers that belong to the same carrier and on the same bill from your carrier.  Please do not mix Local and Toll Free Numbers on the same port request and create two separate requests instead.

  8. Provide your Address information for the numbers you want to port.  These addresses should match what your existing carrier has on file for your account.

  9. Provide the name and optionally Title of the person who is authorized on your account to port out your numbers

  10. Optionally provide your Billing Telephone Number and Account number if your existing carrier provides those

  11. Customer Type - Business or Residential
  12. Business Name - Name of your Business that this account is under

  13. Number Type - Landline or Mobile number

  14. Partial Port - yes or no.  If this single port request includes all the numbers your have with your carrier you will set this to no. If not set to yes.

  15. Upload a Bill Copy to help the Porting process.  It is recommended when possible to include a copy of a recent bill to help the porting process but is not required.  If the port gets rejected by your loosing carrier a copy of a recent Bill may be requested by us.

  16. Sign the document using your mouse to draw our your name and type in the Authorized Users 

  17. Press the Submit button so submit your port request.