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Welcome to the Telephony Cards Home Page.
For installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting information, click on the below installation type:



Install Telephony Card With: 
  • Select this option if you have FreePBX Distro and want to install/configure your Telephony card
  • All configuration will be done from the FreePBX WebGUI
  • This is Sangoma's Plug n Play option for installing Telephony Cards
  • All Software (telephony card driver, signaling and Asterisk) is bundled together in an ISO



Source Install
  • Select this option if you want to manually install the following components for your Asterisk PBX
    • Linux Operating system
    • DAHDI/Libpri signaling software
    • Asterisk
    • Configure Telephony card from Linux command line




  • Select this option if you wish to use the telephony card for custom API application
  • This includes:
    • TDM SDK Tapping
    • LibSangoma Voice API
    • Legacy Data API
    • FreeTDM Signaling and Voice
    • ADSL Support


  • Select this option if you want to manually install the following components for your FreeSWITCH PBX:
    • Linux Operating System
    • FreeTDM Signaling software
    • FreeSWITCH PBX
    • Configure Telephony card for Linux command line
    • Note that FreeSwitch development and support is no longer provided by Sangoma, but the Wiki pages have been left for your reference, and are provided AS-IS only, without any support from Sangoma.

  • Select this option to manually install the following components for a Windows 10, or below, environment:
    • Telephony Card Driver, called Wanpipe

NOTE: If you currently have NetBorder Express (NBE) installed (Sangoma's PBX Software for Windows) do not follow these steps as your installation will become compromised. Contact our technical Support team (at if you are having issues with your setup