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We recommend forwarding ports UDP/5060 and UDP/10000-20000 for standard FreePBX/Asterisk-based installs. If using newer versions of FreePBX, port 5061 5160 is the default port for ChanSIP so that may be the port you need to forward. Check Asterisk SIP Settings for the bind port of ChanSIP. It may be possible to get your service working without port forwarding, but optimal service will be obtained with the above mentioned ports. You can lock down port UDP/5060 or UDP/50615160 depending on bind port of ChanSIP to the and FQDNs for additional security, but please note, we do from time to time change the IP addresses associated with these FQDNs. Therefore it is best to use the FQDN and not an IP Address. You cannot lock down UDP/10000-20000 to any specific IP address, since the media of a phone call can come from hundreds of different IP addresses.