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  1. Please complete the online Letter of Authorization (LOA) to give us permission to port-in your numbers. 
  2. Log into your account and navigate to the Location you want to submit a port request for.
  3. Click on the Customer Service tab at the top of the page

  4. Scroll down to the Porting Information tab and click on the Porting Management link

  5. Provide the email address you want all emails sent to regarding this port request. This is the email address for the primary porting contact. All communications regarding the porting will be sent here.

  6. Pick the FOC (Firm Order Commitment) Date (The day you want the ports to be completed on).  By default we set the date to be 7 days from submission. There is no guarantee the date requested is what your losing carrier will agree to, but you have to provide at least 7 days and we will make best efforts on our end to accommodate.

  7. List all the phone numbers you want to submit on this port request.  Each Port request should only contain grouping of numbers that belong to the same carrier and on the same bill from your carrier.  Please do not mix Local and Toll Free Numbers on the same port request, create two separate requests instead.

  8. Provide the Address information for the numbers you want to port.  The address must be entered EXACTLY the same way as shown on the losing carrier's CSR (Customer Service Record)
    1. Please note: The billing address on your invoice is not always the service address shown on the CSR.

  9. Provide the name of the authorized contact on the account. This is the name of the person on file with the losing carrier.

  10. Provide the Billing Telephone Number (BTN) and account number as shown on the CSR.

  11. Customer Type - Business or Residential
  12. Business Name - The account name as shown on the CSR.

  13. Number Type - Landline or Wireless number. Wireless numbers MUST be accompanied by the PIN.  Wireless ports submitted without a PIN will be rejected.  The PIN used to port out a wireless number is supplied by the losing carrier.

  14. Partial Port - yes or no.  Usually "Yes". If you choose "No", any remaining lines or services on the account will be disconnected at the time of port.
    1. Please note: Not all carrier's allow a Full Port.

  15. Upload a Bill Copy to help the Porting process.  The bill must be dated within the last 30 days.

  16. Sign the document using your mouse to draw our your name and type in the Authorized Users 

  17. Press the Submit button so submit your port request.