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  1. Login using the same username as you use for the Sangoma Portal. 

  2. Click Submit a Ticket in the upper left.

    If you do not see the Submit a Ticket link, you are not logged in, and will need to log in at the left side of the screen. Your login credentials are the same as what you use for the Portal.

  3. Selecting the Feature Request department 

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  4. Scroll to the bottom and Click the Next button.

  5. Pick the Product Category the feature request is for (or related to).

  6. Enter the Subject of your message. In a few words, briefly explain your feature request.

  7. Enter your message below the subject line. Please describe the feature or enhancement request in detail.  Here is some information that you should include if possible:
    1. Which specific product(s) your feature request applies to
    2. Describe how the feature would work in as much detail as needed for understanding.
    3. Explain why this feature would be useful to your company (if necessary).
    4. Refer to any specifications that may apply.
    5. If you believe there is a business case for the feature, please state briefly what it is, or request Sangoma Sales to contact you about it.

  8.  Optional: You can provide attachments such as screenshots, pictures, and documents by clicking the Add File. The more details you can provide, the more likely your feature is to be understood and implemented.