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  1. Create a SIP trunk

  2. Name it SIPGATE_UK

  3. Add the following configuration to the Outgoing section of the SIP trunk:

    Trunk Name:

    Peer Details:

  4. Add the following configuration to the Incoming section of the SIP trunk:

    Register String:

  5. Create an outgoing route

  6. You can name it Outside or any other descriptive name

    Make sure that the route position is "first before last" if you have other trunks in the outbound routes section.
    Choose the trunk name in the trunk sequence according to the name you gave to your sipgate trunk.

  7. Fill in the correct dial pattern to dial in order to send calls through this trunk

    Usually the X. (capital X with a dot) is a pattern that matches any number that starts with a digit between 0-9 with as many digits as you dial (e.g. 442032225555).
    You can set a prefix to catch the trunk if this is a second trunk and not your default one:

    It means that every number that starts with 99 followed by any digit between 0-9 with as many digits as you dial (e.g. 99442032225555)
    will catch this route and strip the first 2 digits (99) and send the rest to the trunk.

  8. for callerid to be correct the following must also be added to extensions_custom.conf 

    Code Block
    exten => s,1,SipAddHeader(P-Preferred-Identity:sip:${CALLERID(number)}

  9. Do not forget to click on the red button in order to apply the configuration.