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Once you have your code tested and working you can submit a pull request in the FreePBX team's BitBucket server after you have fully completed our CSA on file. Also, please make sure to modify your permissions on your forked project so that the 'freepbx-dev' team has at least read permissions. This is so we can checkout your code and makes the code review process easier on us.

NOTE: All bug fixes and feature requests should relate to a ticket at If you have written a module you would like included in our contributed repo ( simply create a repo for your module in the FreePBX team's Bitbucket server and then open a ticket in the bug tracker to make us aware of it and we can mirror your repo. Remember all code submissions through the bug tracker or through git require a CSA on file. If you are new to GIT please see our wiki for a general overview. 

Patches Welcome

We have also created a tag in our issue tracker called "patches welcome" for items that seem like solid ideas but we do not have official resources for. A good place to get your feet wet may be in working on one of these issues. Our "Patched Welcome" issues are listed below.