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Table of Contents

Viewing your Current Status

  • Press the Presence Application on your phone.

  • You will be shown your currently active status. In our example below, you can see this user's status is set to Available.

Changing your Current Status

  • Press the Select button to change your current status.

  • Here, you can see the currently active status has a * in front of the text, such as *Available.

  • Scroll down to the status you want to set and press the Select button. This will change your status to your newly selected status.

  • You can now see your presence is set to Away.

Changing your Preferences For When a Status is Active

  • Inside the Presence Application, you can control your preferences for what will happen when you set a status. For each status type you can set:
    • Nothing: The system will not enable DND or Follow Me, and calls will route no differently than if you had no status set.
    • Follow Me: The system will enable your Follow Me until you change to a status that is told to "Do Nothing" or enable "DND."
    • DND: The system will enable your Do Not Disturb until you change to a status that is told to "Do Nothing" or enable "Follow Me."
  • Pressing the Prefs button will bring up a list of all statuses, along with the current preference for each status.

  • In our example, you can see that Away is told to enable Follow Me, and DND is told to enable DND.

  • Scroll to the status you would like to set a preference for, and press the Change button.

  • In this example, we are going to highlight the Follow Me preference and press the Select button.

  • Now the next time you toggle to that status the action you defined will be taken.