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titleThis wiki has been updated for Version 13 of your PBX GUI

Commercial Module


Phone Apps are a suite of phone applications that integrate directly with FreePBX and our commercial End Point Manager.


Phone Apps allow users to control functions and settings directly from the screen of their phone. The initial release of applications include included Call Parking, Follow-Me Management, Do Not Disturb, and Conference Rooms. We will be expanding have expanded to include additional functionality, features, and supported devices in the future. The goal is to empower users to intuitively manage call settings and features directly from their phone, minimizing the reliance upon hard-to-remember feature codes and logging into the PBX GUI to modify settings. Not all apps have user settings.


Yealink phones are known to work with this module, but are not supported by us

For a complete list of apps and supported devices, please see RESTful Phone Apps-Supported Devices.