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titleThis wiki has been updated for version 13 of your PBX GUI.


This wiki will guide you through both the standard module and the commercial Page Pro add-on. We're including our Paging Pro Admin Guide at the bottom of this wiki, but you can also access it as a standalone page here.

Table of Contents


This module is for specific phones that are capable of paging or intercom. In the Paging and Intercom module, you can configure groups of phones that will auto-answer and play the page over their speakers when called from the page group. This module will work with most SIP phones that are supported by the PBX.

Logging In

  • In the top menu click Applications

  • In the drop down click Paging and Intercom





Click the Settings tab to set global settings for page groups.



Auto-answer defaults

This is the announcement to be played to the remote party when their phone answers a page. The default is a beep. You can also select a system recording. Select None if you do not want to play a beep or other sound. 


Click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.


Yes/No: Whether to consider this page group a "default" page group. You can create one or more default page groups. This can help you save time when creating extensions in the Extensions module. There, you are given the option of whether to include an extension in the default page group(s), preventing the need to re-visit the Paging & Intercom module to add an extension to the group.




Include Page
Paging Pro-Admin Guide
Paging Pro-Admin Guide