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For FreePBX versions 2.5 or newer we have a simple module included in FreePBX called SIPStation which makes setting up your trunks a breeze. You can view this wiki on how to use the SIPStation module.

Where can I get Manual configuration instructions



If you can not get the SIPStation module to work or would prefer to manually create your trunks you can follow this wiki guide.

If you are using another Asterisk based PBX then you should be able to use the configuration instructions available this wiki guide and adjust them for your specific Asterisk system. We do not currenlty have configuration instructions for other systems but there are plenty of users connected to our service with other systems so you should usually be able to get the service working. We require a SIP registration to receive inbound calls. We require a challenge response authentication for outbound calls. If your system is capable of this configuration (as most SIP capable systems are) then you should be able to configure our service.