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Global Fax Prefix

If using Fax Pro in FreePBX to send outbound faxes from the User Control Panel (UCP), UCP can automatically add a fax prefix. The advantage of this is that UCP users would not have to remember any prefix when faxing from UCP. Instead they would just need to dial a 10- or 11-digit number. UCP would add the global prefix to the beginning of whatever the user dials. When setting this up, you just need to keep in mind that the resulting combination needs to match something in an outbound route for fax. Also keep in mind we need to receive *323 at the beginning of a 10- or 11- digit number in order for outbound faxing to work in SIPStation.


  • Fax header
  • Station ID
  • Outgoing e-mail address
  • E-mail address where incoming faxes are received
  • Error correction mode (Set this to No when using VoIP)
  • Maximum & minimum transfer rates (Set this to at least 4800 to avoid problems. Adjust the maximum as needed to avoid incomplete faxes. 9600 is a good starting point for maximum rate.)
  • Paper size
  • Cover page options such as logo, company name, address, phone, web site, and footer (You can also preview the cover page)
  • Global fax prefix (Described earlier in this wiki)
  • Retry count and failure notification e-mail
  • Local storage limits