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For security reasons we do not actually store your credit card.  All information has passed to the Credi Card Gateway such as Paypal or and they store all the information.  They give us a unique token ID that we use each time we want to make a charge on your Credit Card.


Accessing Credit Card Section for Management

  1. Once logged into the portal Select Customers>> List All

  2. You should now see a list of all customers include yourself and any customers that are below you as sub account.  You can only Add and View credit card information for your direct account for security reasons. None of you sub accounts will expose the Credit Card option.

  3. Clicking on the Credit Card Icon on the far right side should bring up a screen like this to manage your Credit Cards.  From here we can see a list of all Credit Cards we have on file and choose to delete any Credit Card, Add a new Card and set which Credit Card is the default Card to be used for Recurring Charges.

Adding A Stored Credit Card


  1. Click on the Add New Card at the top left 

  2. You should now be presented with a screen like this.  Please fill in all the required information as noted with a * and press the Add Card option at the bottom left side.

Setting a Default Credit Card


  1. The Default Credit Card is what we will use for any Recurring Services you have purchased and is required to be set if you have purchased any Recurring Services such as Hosted Systems or SIP trunking.  Press the Update Default Card button after picking your default card from the Drop Down.

Deleting A Credit Card


  1. From the main Credit Card screen as outlined above you can click the Delete Card option to Delete your Card.