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Comment: Added tips for fresh PBXact 15 installation from ISO


  1. Take Backup of your PBXact-13 System.
    1. Take full backup of your PBXact-13 system using Backup & Restore module of PBXact-13.  Please refer to Using the Backup module for further details of how to configure and take full backup of your 13 system.
  2. Ensure PBXact-15 which is running on another server is fully up-to-date with system rpm's and modules. Please refer to Updates#ModuleUpdates for more details.
  3. Restore 
    1. Please note that Backup & Restore has been completely re-designed in PBXact-15 so so you will see GUI differences in the way it used to work in PBXact-13 vs PBXact-15.
    2. Please refer to  Backup & Restore wiki to know more about PBXact-15 Backup & Restore module. 
    3. We can restore the configurations by uploading the PBXact-13 generated configuration backup to "PBXact GUI → Admin → Backup & Restore → Restore tab".
    4. After a successful restore , your PBXact-13 is successfully replicated to new PBXact-15.

Tips and Tricks

Some customers are reporting  "PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15" message especially on a fresh PBXact 15 installation. The system message looks like the following:

[root@uc-system ~]# fwconsole sysadmin activate 870XXXXX
Attempting to activate against deployment '870XXXXX'
Running /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/bin/activate_existing 87005867
Asking for deployment 870XXXXX...Error!
PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15

Whenever this happens to you before trying to activate the system once again, please issue the following command

fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin


fwconsole ma upgrade core framework

Now it's time to retry the activation!

Happy PXact-ing!