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  1. Once a port request has been submitted a ticket in our ticketing system will be created and an email will be sent to you.
    1. All updates to the porting process including rejectionrejections, acceptance and request requests for additional information will be sent via the ticketing system to you.
    2. You can reply to the ticket email at anytime. Do not forward the ticket email, replies to forwarded ticket emails are not received.  Do not email numberporting directly, the reply will not be appended to the ticket.
    3. You can also log into the ticketing system with your SIPStation account at to view and reply to tickets

  2. A list of all pending port request can be viewed from within your SIPStation store under the Customer Service tab as shown below
    1. You can click on the Ticket ID hyperlink to have the system automaticaly take you into your ticket to view all replies and reply to any ticket or request.