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  • Recordings and voicemails must be under 20MB. Recording time will depend on the recording format
  • The default storage allotment 512MB to 1GB per user. Check your Zoho account to see what your storage allotment is.
  • Depending on configuration 1 file may be uploaded to multiple places.

Zoho Setup

Note: starting Zoho API 2.0 this step is no longer required to do in Zoho, please skip to the "Module setup" section below if so accordingly.

Generate an Auth token.

Log in to Zoho CRM ( ).


On the API usage screen there is a gear on the right. Click the gear, then click "Authentication Token Generation."

In the popup window enter SangomaCRM for the app name then click generate


On the next page you will enter the token received above under Auth Token.

Note: starting Zoho API 2.0, manual insertion of an "Auth Token" is no longer required on the PBX, please update your PBX's CRM Link module if connecting to an API 2.0 Zoho system; this will remove the "Auth Token" setting from your PBX's webUI and instead add an "Authorize with Zoho" button which will automatically validate the interconnection between Zoho and the PBX when clicked

For Zoho API earlier than version 2.0:

For Zoho API 2.0:

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You may also wish to adjust the the settings for voicemails and recordings. Here you can choose to store a copy of voicemails or call recordings on the server. The system can attempt to match the external number to Leads, Contacts or Accounts that match. By default recordings will be saved to the assigned user that answers the call. Keep in mind each match has an independent copy of the file. This means if a lead, contact and account are found there are 3 copies of the file uploaded and counting against any storage quota.