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  1. Paging and Intercom Module

    What is the Paging and Intercom module used for? The Paging and Intercom module is used to set up an extension number that your users can dial in order to place an intercom call to multiple phones on your system at the same time. For example, in a small office, you might set up a page group with extension number "100
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  2. Paging and Intercom User Guide

    of this wiki, but you can also access it as a standalone page here. Overview This module is for specific phones that are capable of paging or intercom. In the Paging and Intercom module, you can configure groups of phones that will autoanswer and play the page over their speakers when called from the page group. This module
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  3. Page Pro

    This wiki is for the commercial Paging Pro addon. For the standard module, see Paging and Intercom Module. Commercial Module salesslickbtn.png … expands the existing Paging & Intercom module to add the following features: Outbound Notifications, ValetStyle (AirportStyle) Paging, Prepend Recording
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  4. Intercom Calling

    Overview of Intercom Feature Intercom Calling allows you to dial another extension but have the extension you are dialing "auto answer" instead of ringing. Using Intercom Button to Intercom a User If you have a Intercom Button setup on your Sangoma Phone you can press it at anytime. screen201344.bmp The phone
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  5. Force Paging Volume

    and Intercom module in your PBX. Create or edit a page group. Screen Shot 20161016 at 12.03.14 PM.png Set the override volume. Levels 1 thru 14 match the same levels … Overview By default when a phone receives a incoming page it will auto answer the call and play the page on the speaker phone at the volume level that you have
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  6. Page Pro-Admin Guide

    Commercial Module Page Pro Options Page Pro (aka Paging Pro) is a commercial module addon that adds more advanced features to the Paging and Intercom module … , and schedule pages. If you have Page Pro, you will see these additional options for a page group in the Paging and Intercom module: pageprooptions.png Busy Page Group
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  7. Multicast Paging

    Pro installed, you can use the Paging and Intercom module to link a page group to any number of RTP multicast streams. See the Page ProAdmin Guide for more … Overview Multicast Paging allows you to send pages to groups of phones directly, without the PBX being involved in the page. With multicast paging, phones
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  8. Using an SPA3102 FXO Port to connect with Valcom Paging units

    Note that this article relates specifically with the Valcom V2003A one way page controller. In essence there are three steps in this process, 1) Configure … Trunk and Outbound Route in FreePBX Create a SIP Trunk named 'pager' with the following settings(assuming PBX and SPA3102 are on the same LAN) Trunk Name: pager
  9. Hiding Loading Page popup in Phone Apps

    By default anytime a phone app is asking the PBX for information it will display a Loading Page popup. You can disable this popup notice from within EPM under the Options tab Screen Shot 20161016 at 11.59.15 AM.png
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  10. Legacy EOL pages

    If you cant find what you are looking for here please investigate the legacy wiki located at the site below....