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  1. FreePBX CodeSubmissionAgreement-r6.pdf

    ), or the Berkeley Science Division license (BSD); or (b) binary, proprietary, or commercial licenses. If Your Submission is derived from software released by Sangoma
  2. Configuring MSMTP with gmail as a mail transfer agent

    This is an easytosetup alternative to postfix or sendmail configuration. The instructions have been written for Debian but should be easy to adjust for other Linux distributions. Instructions Log in as root and issue the following command: apt install msmtpmta bsdmailx Create the file .msmtprc inside home of asterisk u
    FreePBX Documentation20 Jan , 2020
  3. FreeRadius With VEGA

    Overview The purpose of this guide is to provide step by step, quick and easy way to deploy FreeRadius server. You will learn how to install FreeRadius server on your Linux system and how to configure the same to work with VEGA (as radius client) FreeRADIUS basically includes a RADIUS server, a BSD licensed client
    Vega Gateways06 Mar , 2017