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What is Zulu UC?



Zulu UC Desktop Integration unifies the most popular business communication tools & applications all on your computer screen, enhancing staff and user productivity. 

Designed specifically for FreePBX and PBXact phone systems, Zulu UC enables features such as:

  • Soft Phone
    • Make & receive phone calls from your desktop/laptop, creating a true 'take-your-office-with-you' experience.
  • Chat
    • Business chat with : group chat rooms and individual private chat 
  • Contacts
    • Search a colleague and dial, never have to remember an extension
  • Screen Popup 
    • Use custom urls to integrate with third party CRMs and help desk software.
  • Click-to-call 
    • Make calls directly from your 
      • Web browser 
        • Supported on FireFox and Chrome Web Browsers
      • Email client 
      • Micrsoft Office and Outlook
  • SMS & Faxing 
    • Send and receive SMS* and FAX directly from the Zulu pluggin and softphone.

Zulu UC is released and supported for the following platforms: Microsoft, MacOS, Linux/RedHat, please refer to the compatiblity chart.

Zulu UC is included as part of the PBXact UC Phone Systems. 
















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