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Zulu Mobile is END OF LIFE AND NO LONGER SUPPORTED. Please transition to Sangoma Connect Mobile.

Zulu Mobile does not work with FreePBX or PBXact self-signed certificates. To use Zulu Mobile, please configure a valid certificate in the Certificate Manager, using the instructions in the Certificate Management User Guide. Note that for Android to work correctly you also need to add the trusted chain for your certificate within Certificate Manager. If you are already getting a certificate error on Android, please see Android - Trust anchor for certification path not found for more information on how to resolve.

NEW Zulu Mobile Features

  • Soft phone
    • Ability to make and receive calls using your extension
    • Integration with your phone's call history
    • Incoming calls look like normal system calls
    • Push notifications to save battery when the application isn't running in the foreground
    • Chat
  • Contacts Integration
  • Platforms
    • iOS
    • Android

Download Zulu Mobile

In order to get access on your mobile devices, please follow the links below for your platform of choice or search for "Zulu UC" on your app store.

Apple iPhone

Google Android

Using Zulu Mobile

Logging in on Mobile

If this is the first time you are logging in, on launch the application will present you with a form to fill in for your account information.  You can enter your information manually or scan a QR code, which you can get from your PBX's User Control Panel (available at https://<yourserverurl>/ucp).  Log in with your extension and password.  Once logged in, click on settings (gear icon on the bottom left), Zulu, then click the “generate QR code” button.  It will appear on the screen, which you can now scan with the app.

When configuring manually:

  • Enter your Username you use to login to UCP
  • Enter your password you use to login to UCP
  • Enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name of your server which you will be connecting to that matches the FQDN used with your SSL certificate you setup on your PBX.
  • If you made any modification to the port which Zulu Server is running on, you may edit the port here as well.
  • When finished click the "Add" button.


To receive support, please visit

Known Issues

Zulu Mobile Known Issues

The team continues to work on the reliability of push notifications for both Zulu Mobile on iOS and Android based on user feedback.

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