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Click To Dial

  • After the Zulu Chrome plugin is added, you will see a phone icon  next to phone numbers on web pages.

  • You can click these numbers to bring up the Zulu call dialog box.

Select/Highlight To Dial

  • Highlight a number on a web page.
  • Right-click to bring up the context menu.
  • Select Call via PBX to place the call.

View Found Numbers on Page

  • Look for the Zulu Icon next to the address bar
  • Click the icon to bring up the list of Numbers Found
  • Hovering over any found numbers will highlight them in the webpage as well. You can also click the numbers to send them to Zulu


  • You can view module preferences in Chrome by navigating to chrome://extensions/
  • Next, search for "Zulu"

  • Click Options.


  • Client Port

    • Used to identify the local client port for client to plugin communications. This is not the same as the PBX Server port.

  • Delimiters

    • A list of number delimiters. These delimiters are stripped from the number before dialing.

  • Matching Expression

  • Domain Exclusions

    • List of domains to skip for processing.

  • Ignore Tags

    • List of HTML tags to ignore while processing.

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