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The following instructions are for end-users to install Zulu UC features on the Computer.


A full installation of Zulu UC features requires 3 steps(1. Desktop, 2. Click-call, 3. Screen Pop), however you may choose to install as many or as little features as you wish.  Find the below details to help you understand which features you want to install:

  • Desktop Installation (required)- installs base software, including Soft-phone and desktop widget
  • Click-to-Call
    • Browser Plug-In (optional) -   installs Chrome/firefox  plug-ins to enable click-to-call from browser
    • Office 2016 / 365 Plug-In (Optional) - installs click-to-call, SMS and FAX capabilities from within email client
  • Screen Pop (Optional)
    • Have the PBX inform Zulu UC to open a web browser URL or contact in Outlook on a per inbound route or per queue level in your PBX GUI. Any call that is placed through that inbound route or queue that is sent to a Zulu UC user will perform the call pop defined


Installation Steps:



Zulu UC is currently supported for the following Applications and Operating Systems 

We only support 64bit Operating systems

Zulu 2.XWindowsMac OSXRedHat Linux
Zulu Desktop clientYesYesYes
Zulu Office 2016 /365 Plugin2010 and newer

2016 and newer

Zulu Chrome PluginYesYesYes
Zulu Firefox PluginYesYes Yes



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