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  • From your Zulu Application click on the Fax Menu option at the top

  • A list of all current Faxes will be shown in the left menu folders
    • INBOX - Are inbound received faxes
    • ARCHIVED - Saved Inbound faxes that no longer show up in INBOX
    • OUTGOING - Currently queued up faxes that are in the process of being sent
    • SENT - Successfully sent faxes
    • FAILED - Faxes that were attempted to be sent but failed

  • In each folder you will see a list of your faxes as shown below

  • 'You can click the  to view the actual fax file

  • You can press the  to archive the INBOX fax and have it saved in the ARCHIVE folder

  • You can click the  to delete the Fax from zulu history

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