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Requires License for Fax Pro on your PBX


  • Find the system tray icon for Zulu.

  • Click on it and pick the Outgoing Fax option

  • Zulu Application will be opened and presented with the Fax Menu

  • Provide the Phone Number you want to send a Fax to and pick the Resolution type. 

  • If you want to include the PBX system Cover Sheet click the option to Include Cover page and fill in the fields



  • Attached a PDF or Tiff File from your computer.
  • Press the Send button
  • Zulu will now open up the Outgoing queue on the left side of Zulu Fax section.
    • All outgoing faxes are shown in the Outgoing Queue until they have been successfully sent or failed and will then move to the Sent or Failed folders.
    • Based on the user settings that your PBX admin has setup in User Management Fax Section you can optionally get email alerts on success or failure of the outgoing fax.

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