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Requires the use of SIPStation SIP Trunking with SMS enabled and configured for each user.

Enable SMS for the Zulu Application

  • To enable SMS for a Zulu User, you need to navigate to the User Management module in your PBX GUI.

  • Click the edit button  for the user who needs access to SMS.

  • Navigate to the Zulu tab at the top.

  • Select Yes to enable SMS for a Zulu User
    • You can also set it to be inherit and make sure the group that the user belongs to has this setting set to yes.

***** WARNING *****

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT SEE SIPstation SMS you need to navigate to the SIPstation Module. That will force the update and the Modules as displayed below will work.

***** WARNING *****

  • Navigate to the UCP > SIPStation SMS section

  • In the SMS Assigned DIDs box pick 1 or more DIDs for the user to receive and send SMSs as.  
    • A single DID can be shared with 1 more more User Manager users and they will see all inbound SMSs for any DID they have selected here.

  • Click Submit at the bottom
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