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This article is for advanced Vega XXXG debugging


Do not attempt the below steps unless instructed to by Sangoma Support.

Misuse of below procedures can permanently damage your Vega Gateway 


How to enable Advanced Debugging


  1. Using console/putty, SSH into your Vega's console

    -> ssh admin@<vega-ip-address>
    password: admin

    You should see a screen similar to the one shown below:


    Note: If you have changed default Vega password (default: admin, admin) enter in the corresponding credentials. 

  2. Start the SSH server on port 2022

    ->shell dbssh start



    This will allow you to log into the Vega File system for advanced debugging procedures

    Note: If there is VEGA box rebooted (power off/on) SSH server will need to start again.

  3. Log into the Vega file system to start your debugging

    Using a separate SSH window, ssh into the Vega filesystem, on port 2022:

    -> ssh root@<vega-ip-address> -p 2022
    ->password: admin



Vega rebooting or crashing


If you believe the Vega is/has rebooted involuntarily, or has crashed, the following steps tell you how to retrieve the file called "core" for debugging analysis
  1. Follow the complete steps from  How to enable Advanced Debugging to enter into the Vega file system 

  2. Navigate to the "/" directory and look for the "core" file 

    -> cd /
    -> ls



  3. Retrieve the "core" file from the Vega to send to Sangoma Support
    Follow the complete steps from How To retrieve debugging files from Vega

    Note: There will be only one "core" file even If your Vega has crashed multiple times. 
    If you physically reboot the Vega, the "core" file will be erased from the Vega. 

 4.  Take a look into /rw/vega.log file to see what was the time vega app restarted.


How To Take Packet capture (Pcap) trace from Vega

Vega-XXXG gateways come with a "" script which can be used to collect network traces. The steps for performing a packet capture within the Vega-XXXG gateways are:

  1. Perform all the steps  from  How to enable Advanced Debugging 

  2. Navigate to the "/bin" directory to

    -> cd /bin

  3. Run the script below to take network capture 


    Note: This script limits the pcap trace to 50mb and it keeps rotating between 2 captures. You can stop this script with "Crtl + C"

  4. Retrieve the network capture traces from the Vega, by performing all steps from How To retrieve debugging files from Vega


How To retrieve debugging files from Vega


Make sure SSH server running. If not running then follow the steps  from  How to enable Advanced Debugging to start SSH server.

From Vega console 

  1. Log into the Vega file system (Note: you will have to have enabled the ssh server from the Vega console first)
    Using a separate SSH window, ssh into the Vega, on port 2022:

    -> ssh root@<vega-ip-address> -p 2022



  2. SCP the file(s) from the Vega to your local server/location
    Type the following command into your Vega command line (replacing the variable names):

    -> scp <file-name> root@<your-server-ip>:/<path_to_copy_file>

From any Server

  1. Use below command to scp file from VEGA to your server/location

    scp -P 2022 root@<vega-ip>:/<file_name_with_full_path>  <path_where_to_copy_recv_file>