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Release R111S0012 onwards , VEGA will have capability to take the Packet capture from GUI.

Packet Capture can be useful to capture the TDM interface traffic (PRI) or Ethernet interface traffic (SIP/RTP/HTTP etc).

NOTE: Vega packet capture size at max will be 5 MB per capture. Vega will keep rotating capture buffer if it increase beyond 5 MB.

How To Start Capture 

As shown in below screen shot, Need to jump to "Reports" section. 

Network Capture 

This section is to capture the Ethernet traffic. 

We have following options here - 

1) Network Trace -  Enable/Disable

2) Network Interface - Depends on Vega model/Lan Ports availability this will have option to select specific interface or select all LAN interface.

3) Network Port  - As shown below, This option is useful for quick specific type of traffic selection depends on choice. For example if we want to debug SIP then we can choose SIP option as we are interested to debug/analyse only SIP call flow. Default option is "all".

4)  Network Port - Custom Selection - As shown below, We have "custom" option in Network Port as well just in case if we want to capture traffic on specific Port (or port range). 

TDM Capture 

As shown below , We can start TDM Capture. Options are - 

1) TDM Trace - Enable/Disable

2) TDM Interface - Depends on Vega model this will list all available PRI ports, so either we can start capture on single port or on all ports.

NOTE : TDM Capture is only to capture PRI traffic. This option will not be available for Analog Gateways.

Stop/Download Packet Capture 

As shown below, Once you stop the trace, you will get option to "Download" the trace file.  

Trace/Packet capture is a pcap file and can be opened by "Wireshark" utility.