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This page describes the software releases available for the Sangoma Vega gateways. In most cases you should select the correct GA release for your hardware.

The release for some Vega gateways may include an accompanying DSP release. If you are upgrading from Release 11.0 or earlier please refer to DSP firmware upgrade for details of the process.

If you require any assistance please contact Sangoma Support.

Recommended (GA) Releases

GA Releases

General Availability (GA) releases are the recommended releases for the majority of customers and deployments. They support the full range of platforms and features.


Recommended (GA) Release

Vega 100G, 200G, 400G, 400GF 



| Released: 2023-05-26Release Notes

Vega 4x4


| Released: 2023-05-26Release Notes

Vega 60G V2


| Released: 2023-08-22 | Release Notes

Strictly for Vega 60Gv2 FXS and FXO devices.

This must not be used on BRI units. A small number of Vega 60G BRI units have been incorrectly labelled as 60Gv2. These are not v2 variants and loading the v2 firmware will cause serious issues. If you have an affected unit please contact support to arrange a replacement.

Vega 3000G , Vega 3050G, 60G


| Released: 2023-08-22Release Notes

Do not install on Vega 60Gv2 FXS and FXO

Limited Availability(LA) Releases

LA Releases

A limited availability release is a release stream that does not have have the same feature set as the mainstream GA release. It is fully tested and production ready but may have some missing or extra features. Please contact Sangoma to discuss your requirements before deploying in a production environment.

For a full description of the changes and features in Release 13.0 please refer to Vega Release 13.0

NOTE: Password is set to the lowest numbered MAC address on the unit, all in lowercase. If your lowest MAC is 005058201A9A then the password would be "005058201a9a". 


Latest 13.0 LA Releases

Vega 100G, 200G, 400G 



| Released: 2021-08-19Release Notes

Vega 3000G , Vega 3050G, 60G


| Released: 2020-06-12Release Notes

Do not install on Vega 60 V2

Legacy Releases

Legacy Releases

These releases are provided for customers who are unable to move to the mainstream GA release stream. They are not recommended for production deployment and we are not able to offer our full level of support on these releases.


Legacy 11.1 Release

Vega 100G, 200G, 400G, 4x4


R11.1 S034

| Released: 2021-05-05Release Notes

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  1. I don't see the firmware for the Vega 50 anymore.

    1. The Vega 50 is no longer supported. Older firmware images may be available at