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Support Service

  • Gold and Platinum Support are available for PBXact systems.
  • Customers looking for Support must have a Sangoma Portal Account (
  • Customers must have a valid and active Support Plan/Contract purchased, if no Support Maintenance purchased please visit the Sangoma Store in the Portal.

Support Login

  • Login with the same username and password you used to purchase your Support Maintenance.

Product Registration

  • Product Registration is required to associate the PBX Appliance product and Support Contract with your Support Portal account.  Each PBX that has a support contract has an associated Deployment ID and you open the ticket based on the Deployment ID.  If the Deployment you are trying to open a support ticket for is not shown in your portal account you will need to make a product claim to have it show up as outlined here How to Co-Own a product that is not linked to your account

Opening a Ticket

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