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This is not an official channel. It is largely staffed by community members, these are non-sangoma employees (The only exception to this is if the user has an '@' prefixed to their name, those ARE Sangoma employees).

Your mileage may vary and Sangoma is not responsible for the actions of non-operator users


Short for Internet Relay Chat, a IRC is a chat system developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in Finland in the late 1980s. IRC has become very popular as more people get connected to the Internet, because it enables people connected anywhere on the Internet to join in live discussions. Unlike older chat systems, IRC is not limited to just two participants.

To join an IRC discussion, you need an IRC client and Internet access. The IRC client is a program that runs on your computer and sends and receives messages to and from an IRC server. The IRC server, in turn, is responsible for making sure that all messages are broadcast to everyone participating in a discussion. There can be many discussions going on at once; each one is assigned a unique channel.


You can view and search real time IRC logs for our #freepbx channel through the link below. Many questions are solved daily through IRC.

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